A Simple Guide of the Stackable Birthstone Rings

Are you looking to invest in a unique type of ring? Stackable birthstone rings are popular gift items that exchanged between friends or family members to strengthen their relationship. In early times, birthstone rings were worn on different fingers but as the years went by many people realized that stacking them together made them look much better. Although the decision on which finger to wear the stackable rings is personal, most people place them on the third finger which has been acceptable over the years.

elegant stackable birthstone rings white gold

Most stackable birthstone rings are made from different types of metals such as gold and sterling silver which make them very precious. Apart from the precious metals, the birthstones on the ring can also be varied depending on their significance to the person wearing them. There are a variety of birthstone rings available at jewelry stores, with the mothers stackable birthstone rings being the most popular. The rings which are considered to be a one-of -a-kind gift for mothers especially because the birthstones represent each member of her family. You may also opt for Alexandrite rings for a unique characteristics that will surely give you an edge in any occasion.

sterling silver mothers stackable birthstone rings

Guidelines for Selecting Stackable Birthstone Rings

Even though, stackable birthstone rings are a good choice for many people seeking personalized gift items, it is important to select the right ones. To increase the chances of choosing birthstone rings that will be appreciated as a gift or personal use, consider the following tips.

  • Ring material – Stackable rings that are made from an appropriate metal make it easier for the birthstones to stand out and flatter the finger. The stackable birthstone rings white gold is a popular version of the rings because the combination of the metal and the birthstones makes it exceptional.

stackable birthstone rings white gold

  • Ring size – It is important to buy stackable rings that fit the ring finger comfortably and can be slipped off easily as well. The best way to buy the rings in the right size is to measure the finger using another type of ring that is not too loose or tight to avoid it getting lost quickly or damaging the skin, respectively.

  • Appropriate birthstones – The birthstones that are placed on the stackable rings is the reason for their uniqueness and therefore should be chosen with a lot of care. The birthstones should represent the right birth months and be of a good size so that the ring has an appealing look. If unsure of the birthstones to choose, it is advisable to ask an expert to ensure that the right ones are placed on the rings.


birthstone stackable rings for mom

  • Available budget – Many times, birthstone stackable rings are bought as a gift item which means that cost may not be considered a priority. However, it is important to browse through a number of jewelry stores to find the best prices so as not to go over budget and still find quality rings.


Overall, stackable rings with birthstones are suitable for a friend or a mother that love unique jewelry items. However, they can also be a good way of expanding your own jewelry collection as well to ensure that you always stand out at special events or even on a daily basis. For more options, check out the popular blue topaz rings online.